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North American Flight Control has been designed to best prepare future Flight Dispatchers!  We offer FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Training, 5 Week Day Program, 10 Week night program or 12 week (weekend only) program! 

Our program will immerse the student in the policies & procedures that they´ll encounter when they begin airline flight dispatchers.  We use the same airline flight tracking and flight planning systems using by air operators around the world!

We use modern aircraft in our training program, that are widely used by the airline industry for years to come.

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Accepts students from Virginia
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7800 Metro Parkway
Bloomington, MN 55425
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North American Flight Control is rated 5.0 based on 2 reviews

29 Mar 2023

I attended the Aircraft Dispatcher program at North American Flight Control (NAFC) in the Fall of 2022. Looking back, I was really happy I selected NAFC because the instructors really took an interest and passion in what they do, which made learning the material A LOT easier. Chris and Tom were generous with their time to help ensure we were comfortable with the material as we worked the program. They focus on the real world aspects of aircraft dispatching, which helped me land a job fast and be better prepared than some others in my dispatch class at the airline i work at. If you´re looking for a dispatch school, I highly recommend NAFC. Joe Joseph

22 Feb 2023

I live in Los Angeles, and I drove to Minneapolis, Minnesota in January of 2023 for the 5 week, in person Aircraft Dispatcher class at North American Flight Control. This was one of the best experiences of my lifetime. We not only received great preparation for the Aircraft Dispatcher practical examination, but we received an education with the practicality of dispatching for a part 121 air carrier in mind. This included the use of modern “educational” op-specs, reading the weather and aviation meteorology, weight and balance, FAR/FC and FAR/AIM education, Flight Planning, Dispatch releases, and general aviation knowledge. Our “educational” aircraft was the Embraer 175…which is really practical since most regional airlines where Dispatchers begin their careers use the Embraer. We toured the National Weather Service office, the Airside Operations office and airport at MSP, and spent two hours shadowing a Dispatcher at Endeavor Air: all arranged by the School. Loved every minute! Daniel