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Northern Air is known for providing high-quality, professional flight training at a competitive rate. Students learn in an all-weather, all-terrain flying environment, which contributes to a well-rounded education. The airspace is uncongested and provides a wonderful learning atmosphere.

Training is available for Private and Commercial Pilot Certificates, Instrument Ratings, Flight and Ground Instructors, Flight Reviews, and Instrument Proficiency Checks. High performance endorsements are also given, as well as mountain flight courses.

Two formal ground school courses are offered twice a year Private Pilot Ground School and Instrument Ground School. Each class is held on one night a week for 15 weeks, with classes in the spring and fall. Each respective class is extremely beneficial to students because the subject matter studied is needed to successfully pass the required FAA written exams.Lectures, videos, and PowerPoint presentations are utilized throughout each course. Because Northern Air is the only flight school offering formal ground school within a 70-mile radius, students come from Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

A flight training device is available for both primary and instrument students which is especially useful for learning navigation without the extra cost of aircraft rental. All hours flown on this device are counted toward a certificate and/or rating.

Northern Air hosts a video library with over 80 aviation videos available for rental. There is a variety of topics to draw from, all of them useful in the initial training and currency phases.

Flight students are encouraged to fly at least two to three times a week. With such a schedule a Private Pilot Certificate could be earned in as little as four months (weather allowing, that is). However, should other commitments preclude frequent lessons, flight training can certainly be accomplished at the student’s own pace. The national average for completion of a Private Pilot Certificate is approximately 65-70 hours. Northern Air’s training airplane is a Cessna 172. We’re proud that it is well-maintained and well-equipped with upgraded radios and navigation equipment.

We now have the ability to train international students through the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP). Call or email for more information.

We have a fully operational testing center for all written exams as well. We encourage you to visit our facilities, meet our staff, and acquaint yourself with our aircraft. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with our operation here in north Idaho.

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06 Apr 2017

Northern Air gives you the best one-on-one aviation training out there. With top equipment and instructors, you won´t be disappointed with this flight school in surrounded by the beauty of North idaho! Tana