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Saint Louis University´s Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology offers two Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degrees; one with a concentration in Flight Science and the second with a concentration in Aviation Management.

Saint Louis University (SLU) is the only Jesuit university with either a flight program or an aviation management program. This makes SLU´s Parks College the premier institution to not only learn how to be proficient in the practice of a particular skill such as flying or managing a corporate flight office or airline, but also to be formed so as to make ethical decisions and contribute to the advancement of one´s personal and professional goals, thereby enriching the community in which you live and work.

The Flight Science concentration has flight courses integrated with science and advanced aviation subjects, and it prepares the graduate for entry-level positions in airline, military, or corporate aviation departments. Flight instruction is offered under an FAA-approved Part 141 syllabus. Within the concentration, students will earn private, instrument and commercial pilot ratings. Additionally, students may choose to minor in Flight Education and earn flight instructor certificates/ratings. This minor includes two practicum courses, providing senior students the unique opportunity to instruct freshmen (under strict supervision of full-time flight instructors) and earn valuable work experience as well as flight hours.

The Aviation Management concentration has aeronautics courses integrated with science, management, business, computer science, and decision science courses, and it prepares graduates for entry-level positions within aviation and space industries, and/or government agencies. Career opportunities include management and supervisory positions with commercial airlines, the aircraft/aerospace industry, airports and governmental agencies, as well as positions as contract negotiators, budget analysts, project administrators, personnel directors, and positions in marketing and advertising. Additional career opportunities exist in various areas of the commercial and military aviation industries.

Students who wish to pursue a graduate degree will be prepared to enter programs in a wide variety of areas such as law or business. Competitive summer internships and cooperative education programs are available within the industries and at government agencies. Independent study on an aviation topic can be arranged under the direction of a faculty member. This affords the opportunity to pursue individual theoretical or experimental research. Active research is essential for continued success of all academic programs; aviation is no exception.

For over eighty years, thousands of men and women have served the aviation/aerospace industry around the world. New students have the opportunity to benefit from our rich heritage and the responsibility to build our future.

In addition to the Flight Science and Aviation Management programs, Parks College offers Bachelor of Science degrees in the following engineering disciplines: aerospace, biomedical, computer, electrical, interdisciplinary, mechanical and physics.

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