Phoenix Flight Academy

Tune, Denmark


Phoenix Flight Academy is probably the fastest growing training organisation in Scandinavia, with more than a 200% expansion since it´s beginning of 2011.

Phoenix Flight Academy supplies the most comprehensive modular educations, towards:

  • PPL (A+H)
  • CPL(A+H)
  • ATPL (theory only)(A+H)
  • R22 & R44 ratings
  • SEP(L)
  • MEP(L)
  • IR
  • EIR
  • Night Rating
  • NBEG, BEG & GEN radio certificates

The flight academy is the second largest operator in Roskilde Airport, which is sited on Sealand, which is very close to the capitol Copenhagen, with around 1,5 million citizens.

Phoenix flight is proudly giving opportunities to it´s commercial students after their education, to build up hours during ad hoc operations, such as international ferry flights, positioning flights and internal company personnel transfer. There is a relaxed and cozy atmosphere at the main base, and neither students or instructors wear uniform.

The key words for Phoenix Flight is Positive social learning environment & high quality standards.

The flight academy does not provide housing on site, but will be able to arrange it upon request.

Aviation Training Facilities


Flight School - Fixed WingFlight School - Rotary

Programs & Courses

Private Pilot LicenseCommercial Pilot LicenseAirline Transport PilotFlight Instructor (CFI / FI)Flight Instructor - Instrument (CFII / IRI)Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)Instrument Rating (IR)Multi-Engine RatingNight RatingEASA ATPL Ground SchoolEASA ATPL Ab Initio
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Roskilde Airport
Tune 4000

+45 70239990

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