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Teaching the World to Fly - Phoenix East Aviation Has Been Training Pilot Candidates for Airlines Worldwide Since 1972

Why pay over $85,000-$100,000 for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor courses? Phoenix East Aviation, a leader in high quality, professionaltrainingin pilot training, costs just $67,814.

Phoenix East Aviation, a nationally accredited and internationally-recognized flight training academy in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida, offers FAA approved courses for international and U.S. students who wish careers as professional pilots and airline dispatchers.

Fully approved pilot training programs prepare you for Private, Commercial, and Airline Transport Pilot Certificates and train you to be a Certified Flight Instructor. Jet type-rating certification and airline dispatcher courses are also offered. Free tutoring and use of PC´s and video equipment are offered for all Phoenix East pilot training students.

Daytona Beach, Florida, known worldwide for its excellent climate, is the perfect choice for a flight school, with its 360+ days a year of good flying weather. This allows you to fly more often and finish your program faster – then become employed as an airline pilot more quickly! At the end of the day, you will return to your beautiful apartment, and for relaxation, you can enjoy Daytona Beach’s 23 miles of beautiful beaches and exciting NASCAR car and motorcycle races.

Phoenix East Aviation is proud of its fleet of new and late model Cessna 172-SP NAV II and NAV III (G1000) single engine, Diamond DA-42 Twin Star and Piper Seneca multi-engine aircraft, fully certified for all ratings. Simulators includethe Frasca 141 Mentor / G1000, which complement and speed your training. And most important, the Phoenix East team of U.S. and international instructor pilots are all highly qualified and U.S. trained. These men and women, from all over the world, are skilled and caring teachers, committed to pilot training and teaching YOU to fly.

Training is available for Advanced systems including, Electronic Flight Information Systems, Flight Management Systems as well as Crew Resource Management/Human Factors, Airline Interview Preparation and more.

A Florida flight academy that was founded by and today run by former airline pilots, Phoenix East pilot training reflects over 40 years of preparing pilot candidates for airlines worldwide. Having the distinction of being one of only a few nationally accredited pilot training academies in the U.S. you can be assured of high quality training and stability of operation. Phoenix East Aviation is also one of only a few independent flight academies allowed by the U.S. governmentto offer the F-1 visa. As Phoenix East graduates know, pilot training is our only business: we are focused on and committed to YOUR success.

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18 Jun 2017

RUN. Fleet is in horrible shape, two fatal accidents since 2011. They treat you to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, get your money, then screw you over. As soon as I caught on to the act, I left. It didn´t take long. Avoid this joke of a school at all costs. Watch out for the fuel surcharge, it can get nasty without adequate warning. Also, they say they switch flight instructors on you all the time during the instrument and higher 141 courses because they feel it doesn´t make a difference because they´re all feeding you the same material. Disgusting attitude. The instructor student pair is crucial to a good training experience and clearly they don´t care about that. Jim Stanton

18 Mar 2016

I got to know about Phoenix East Aviation from their partner After getting in touch with them, the admission officer at guided me step by step towards getting a good score in TOEFL, getting an i20 and helped me a lot for preparing me for my Embassy Interview. We had numerous video calls and he made me practice over 40 questions!! None of the other schools helped me in this regard. Since I´m from India, they did a DGCA orientation workshop for me. My experience has been amazing as yet :-) I strongly recommend and Phoenix East Aviation. Clyde