Ponte de Sor, Portugal

The integrated full maintenance training program, based on a (Part 147), is part of a mutual collaboration agreement with Aviotrace SWISS; the agreement proves our quality standards.

We develop and increment aircraft maintenance training for graduate and undergraduate technicians with high-quality standards. At the end of each training, we facilitate job allocation for candidates, alongside training and professional courses with updates, seminars, and other means of training towards the constant update to their careers. 

Once our trainee, always our trainee! 

We are the only school in Portugal that facilitates an International program, allowing maintenance training at all levels, with a FOCA certification. 

Any Student of ours, and if required or pratical, may at anytime rellocate to a another Aviotrace School, and may perform their training at any location of their choice or preferred location.

In Portugal our course will start in January 2022, at Ponte de Sor,  alocating 48+1day intence training for experienced maintenance personnel, that have the intesion of applying for their maintenance certificate and licence. 

Every year we plan various courses (5 at least) of the unique intense traing. 

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