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Prairie Helicopters Inc.

Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

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Prairie Helicopters Inc. operates our Transport Canada approved Flight Training Division at the Gimli Airport just a short drive north of Winnipeg . Gimli Airport offers an ideal training environment due to its low air traffic volumes and opportunity to acquire the necessary radio communication skills all pilots require throughout their careers.

Real life bush flying is only minutes away. As much of a pilot´s career will be spent flying over and into forested areas, competency and familiarity with this terrain is absolutely critical.

In addition to having the backing of veteran former Transport Canada check pilots, our Chief Flight Instructor has many years of experience meeting the training needs of flight students enabling them to develop flight skills that are second to none.

Our students have the opportunity to do all their training on the same aircraft we use for our commercial charter services. Not only is the Bell 206B Jet Ranger the safest helicopter in the industry, it is also the type of helicopter 90% of new commercial pilots will be operating once they are working in the industry. This provides our students with a huge advantage upon graduation when they are applying for employment with the numerous helicopter service operators across the country.

Requirements for acceptance into our school include a minimum of 18 years of age with a minimum of Grade 12 or equivalent or mature student status (at least 19 years of age and one year out of high school). All students must have the ability to acquire a category 1 medical certificate.

Accommodations are readily available in Gimli for out of town students. Gimli is small enough to be friendly, and large enough to provide for all the personal needs of the student.

Register early as our classroom sizes are limited in order to provide our students with one on one training.

More information is available by contacting our Gimli office at 1- 204-642-4841.


Prairie Helicopters Inc.
Gimli Airport
Box 153
Gimli, Manitoba, R0C 1B0

+1 (204) 642-4841



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