Vaughan, Ontario

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School Overview

PrecisePilot provides recurrent flight training to pilots as well as an introduction to non-pilots interested in discovering the experience of controlling an aircraft.

Now you can keep your skills sharp over the winter, and practice maneuvers more economically over the summer. So why not shoot a night ILS into JFK on the way home from work? Just for fun, or just for your logbook.

We’re right here in Toronto, but you can fly anywhere in the world.

With PrecisePilot’s you can prepare for, practice and perfect:

  • IFR Renewal flight tests
  • IFR currency and training
  • Unfamiliar airports and terrain
  • Adverse weather and emergency procedures
  • Multi-engine and glass cockpit familiarization

Configurations Available:

  • Piper Seminole Twin Engine
  • Cirrus SR22 Perspective
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Special Offer: Renew your IFR for only $649

Don’t worry ever again about the weather, expensive fuel, or aircraft down-time for your IFR renewal.$649 + HST gives you:

  • Two hours of supervised practice in the simulator at any time
  • Your choice of examiner from the GTA
  • Transport Canada IFR renewal fee
  • The best IFR renewal value with the comfort of a professional environment conveniently located in the middle of the GTA

Contact Details

668 Millway Avenue, Unit 13
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 3V2

+1 (905) 370-0471

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Piper Seminole

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