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We are an FAA part 141 approved training center located at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport in sunny, South Florida, U.S.A. For over two decades, we have trained pilots for all of the FAA certificates and ratings ranging from the Private Pilot to the ATP. Additionally, as ICAO conversion specialists, we have years of experience assisting foreign pilots with their FAA licensing.

Our approach to training is unique in that we train to the highest level of professional standards while providing students with the care and individual attention so often lost in an "academized" industry. At our school, you are not just a number, but part of our family.

We are committed to our students and their international diversity -- They come to us from all corners of the globe seeking the "PFT experience". They train for three primary reasons -- career, personal transportation, and/or relaxation --- fun! Regardless of their goal, our mission is to assist them in their pursuit -- providing ongoing guidance so that the learning curve is achieved at maximum efficiency, and minimum expense!

Graduates from our Professional Pilot Program are currently working globally in every facet of the airline industry! We invite you to visit our site and learn how you can join the thousands of pilots who got their start at Professional Flight Training! We would love to speak with you ... so please do not hesitate to call with your questions!

A World Class Education
When visiting PFT´s new training center customers will enjoy one of the business´ founding principals — treating each customer as if they were a guest in their home. The magnificent new facility places special emphasis on advanced flight training devices such as PFT´s glass cockpit trainer which replicates the traits of the B-737-NG series. "We´ve designed our facility with future needs in mind. Our glass trainer is no longer an ´add on´ to our Professional Pilot Program," adds Gary Ross. "It is a must have — it is now incorporated within our syllabus."

One Size Does Not Fit All
PFT´s Professional Pilot Training Program is the basic "general requirement" needed to be legally employed as a U.S. Commercial Pilot. The course takes about six months to complete. The school also specializes in accommodating international students with license conversions and specialized curriculum to meet foreign country requirements. All costs are carefully "estimated" and programs customized to meet diverse needs. One size never fits all!

All PFT courses follow the proven curriculum of the Jeppesen Sanderson Pilot Training System Jeppesen Sanderson, a Times-Mirror company, is the world´s leader in flight information and pilot training systems. PFT uses their syllabus which are based on the building block theory of learning and are specifically designed to FAA requirements. In addition to these flight and ground training courses, flight training devices are used within all programs thereby providing the student with a comprehensive training program. Flight Training devices utilize state of the art technology and reflect the current trend in airline training practices.

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