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Allen, Texas

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School Overview

Experience is the difference at Professional aviation resources. Our staff of experienced commercial and air transport instructor pilots will assist you with being proficient as well helping you feel comfortable and safe in today’s aviation world. Here at Professional Aviation Resources we provide experienced ground and flight instruction from primary and secondary aviation instruction to complex and high performance airplane transition courses. Multi Engine Instruction available with block time specials! Accelerated ground courses for all ratings scheduled every month. Check our website for details!

Advanced Flight Review and Instrument Competency Check programs are available. We also provide recurrent education programs to obtain insurance discounts. We offer a Regional Jet Systems and Operations Orientation Course and a Turbine Transition Course taught by a highly experienced Regional Jet Captain. Finish up courses are available for customers who have already started their training and for whatever reason had to stop.

We can assist you in finding and buying the right airplane for your specific needs. As part of our courses we help you with important instruction you need to be comfortable owning and operating your new aircraft or your existing aircraft in a more safe and proficient manner. If you already own an aircraft and are looking to step up into a high performance, complex or just a larger aircraft we have specialists who can assist you with the process and train you in those new aircraft.

Contact Details

101C North Greenville Avenue, #83
Allen, Texas 75002

+1 (972) 704-9575

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane) Type Ratings (TRTO)

Training Programs

Multi-Engine Class Rating Jet Orientation Course (JOT) G1000 EXM CT Ground School Classes

Class and Type Rating Courses

Boeing 737 - Classic Boeing 737 - NG Boeing 737 - 900ER Canadair CRJ Citation Jet Citation 500 King Air 90 King Air 100 King Air 200 King Air 300 / 350

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