RWR Pilot Training

Baltimore, Maryland

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School Overview

Why train with Dick Rochfort? Because he is the best in class by a wide margin all training programs are FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) accepted, FAA Wings approved and insurance underwriter approved.

Known as the “M Class” Pipers, the Matrix, Malibu, Mirage and Meridian are the flagship aircraft of the Piper fleet and are widely considered the pinnacle of performance for single-engine, owner-flown aircraft because they are reliable, comfortable and can travel at high speeds.

If you are looking to become a safer and more confident pilot in a PA46 aircraft, then RWR Pilot Training is for you. Under the tutelage of accredited Master Instructor Dick Rochfort, you will receive efficient, type-specific and insurance-approved training in your Piper PA46 Matrix, Malibu, Mirage or Meridian aircraft.

Fly Safely - Train Often
For additional information contact Dick Rochfort, ATP, CFII

Contact Details

6031 Bellona Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

+1 (410) 435-3333

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Piper PA46 Malibu / Meridian

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