Savon Ammatti - Ja Aikuisopisto

Toivala, Finland


Rissalan education unit is centrally located in the immediate vicinity of the airport of Kuopio, in a real airplane environment. Kuopio is located about 20 km and Siilinjärvi about 12 km. Students travel to school folds easily by bus. We cooperate with the adjacent aircraft maintenance company, and with the Karelia Air Command.

The education unit was completed in 2002. Areas include a comfortable and modern class rooms, student cafeteria and a library room computer equipment. The number of students is about 60 teachers and has 6. Environmental Studies Service can be found in the hall real aircraft, a variety of engines, aircraft simulator, metal workshop, engine workshop and office electronics. Aircraft school has a Learjet 25D, Cessna 402 and Fouga Magister and some old piston engine helicopter.

Studying, living and dining are the students free of charge. The college has student dormitories Toivala and Kuopio. Dining takes place at an airport restaurant Suihkari. Free time students have the opportunity to participate in joint sports events, such as ice hockey and floorball Toivala and Siilinjärvi. Education has received the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, in accordance with the requirements for approval. Approval indicates that the training and educational organization operating to the required content and quality ratings. Training, testing and experience, is defined by the graduates of the students the opportunity to apply for an aircraft maintenance license, which is valid throughout the European region.

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