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Established in 1948, Sheffield School of Aeronautics has trained thousands of individuals from around the world for their FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license. We have also been contracted by more airlines, including the military than any other Aircraft Dispatcher school in the world.

Due to the quality of our training, we are contacted frequently to be the sole trainer of various airlines. We have provided training for the largest through the smallest of airlines which provides us with a wider variety of experiences than any other school in the world.

Our school´s owners, president, examiners, and instructors, have accumulated decades of experience in all aspects of aviation. This experience includes: Aircraft dispatching, Airline Initial, Recurrent, and Transition Training, Airline Transport Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Aerospace Engineering, Performance Analysis, Meteorologists, etc. We all tap into each other´s experiences to produce a massive experience pool in which to help facilitate the learning process.

EACH of our graduates can receive an individual and unique ID and password to enter our employment opportunities section as well as our interactive online recurrent training sections. They can also have their OWN web page to allow hiring managers to view their résumé!

We also initiated the "free refresher training" program for our graduates. We’ve even provided refresher training to numerous GRADUATES of other schools. We also answer technical questions from our graduates that may arise during a work shift as well as assist airlines in rewriting of dispatch procedures. This total commitment is the reason that we have consistently been in business for 66 years and why we are universally respected in this industry.

We believe in providing quality and service to our students, to assist them in their career endeavors, to push them to a limit they may have never been before, and to provide a confidence level to help them sustain their success within the airline industry. Our testimonial pages are overflowing proof that Sheffield is an absolute authority on Airline Dispatcher training. Whether you are a motivated individual with no prior aviation experience, or an individual with an airline seeking the Aircraft Dispatcher certificate, our objective is to provide you with the educational tools, confidence, and problem-solving skills necessary for Operational Control.

Sheffield School of Aeronautics will train you ABOVE FAA standards, then actively assist you in airline job placement. After our students graduate, they are a part of Sheffield for life, not only 5-6 weeks. We welcome you to attend (or visit) our school in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and experience the education, housing, student assistance, and school location that are unparalleled. Join the team that has the longevity, reputation, and stability to not only help you earn your license, but assist you throughout your career. THOUSANDS of students have made the correct decision - so can you. Join the team that airlines prefer to hire (not fire) due to our "above standards" approach to training.

Feel free to call our school or request a color catalog along with a full-size color brochure which includes many other job and school details.

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Sheffield School of Aeronautics is rated 5.0 based on 4 reviews

10 Aug 2018

Admittedly I was a student more than a few years ago. That said my experience was 100% positive! They crack open your head and pour the knowledge in. It´s not easy, but it gets the job done! I left school with a license and a job in hand. Dan Rapp

23 Sep 2016

Fantastic school...keeps you on your toes with regular tests all through your course...good place to study... relaxed but hard ask as many queries and you would come out successful...MANY START BUT FEW FINISH !!! Prashant

28 Jul 2016

Excellent school and instructors; very effective method to focus the topics and get you really skilled but.... this school is not for lazy students. They want their graduated to be top order to mantain the deserved reputation the school got.... Marco

31 Mar 2016

retired United Airlines Sheffied is a outstanding school . Very good reputation in industry will make sure you get your FAA practical exam Steve