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Sierra Academy of Aeronautics has established a reputation of providing quality flight training for more than 45 years. We have provided Flight Training services for more than 50 airlines and major aviation organizations around the world. The FAA has issued more than 75,000 Certificates to our graduates. Our programs and training environment are airline oriented or custom tailored to best suit the airline needs.

At our flight department it is Safety First and quality is our priority. Flight Department staff consists of Director of Flight Training Operations, Chief Flight Instructor, and Assistant Chief Flight Instructors. This staff represents more than 30 years of experience in training domestic and international students. In addition to our senior staff we have our Flight Instructors, Ground Instructors and we also have an English department. The English instructor has the ability to teach ESL, TEFL, TESOL, TOEFL and he has the English Certification for testing the aviation applicants for ICAO level.

We are also a designated testing facility for administering the FAA written exams. We have 2 FAA Designated Examiners on staff to conduct our FAA practical test. We maintain 3:1 student to instructor ratio to make sure the student gets the most attention from their flight instructor.

Sierra Academy operates 12 hours per day Monday thru Saturday, with flight schedule available 24 hours per day. This provides the most opportunities for our student’s flight training demands. Castle Airport (KMER) is located in the central valley of California which provides the optimum weather for flight training all year around. Additionally to the great weather Castle Airport has a unique training environment including an operational control tower giving the students constant English and Air Traffic control training.

Castle Airport provides a premium instrument training environment with having 5 instrument approaches into Castle Airport. Nearby flight training practice area proximity helps increase flight training efficiency. Castle Airport’s location benefits by having over 50 airports with reasonable distance giving an opportunity for more than 100 instrument approaches.

Currently Sierra Academy has over 50 aircraft and 6 simulator including our single engine, multiengine, aerobatic and King Air C90 for high performance training. They all are 100 percent owned by Sierra Academy. Sierra Academy also has 6 simulators including 5 of them for multiengine and 1 full motion for the King Air. The majority of the aircraft are equipped with GPS units for the students to gain advanced instrument training experience.

Sierra Academy maintains a FAA certified maintenance facility. Our Director of Maintenance has more than 15 years of experience in general aviation and is certified by the FAA as an A&P mechanic with IA (Inspection Authorization).

Our campus and facilities includes the following:

  • Training and Class Room building
  • Student & Instructor Dormitory
  • Cafeteria & Restaurant
  • Maintenance Hanger
  • Tower Building (Dispatch is located)
  • Fuel Farm Facility (Location of our fuel tanks and fuel trucks)
  • Aircraft Parking Ramp (On the airport ramp)

Our student services department helps our students to keep current with the TSA approvals, visa extensions if required, finger printing, schedule FAA written test, schedule FAA practical test and make sure insurance is kept current for all the students. They also make sure all the students have proper Weight & Balance for the aircraft before every flight is dispatched, proper uniform, medical certificate, licenses and proper identification before the aircraft is dispatched.

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Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is rated 5.0 based on 4 reviews

07 Dec 2017

Came to Sierra Academy for my Training and I must say, pretty cool place, everyone is friendly and makes sure that you are on the right track to meet your deadlines to head out to the airlines Nancy

22 Sep 2017

Came to Sierra Academy for my Flight Training and can say that Sierra is by far the Best Flight School i have even been to. They were able to provide me with the accelerated training that I needed to head to the airlines. Jason

28 Mar 2017

Stated my flight training at sierra and I´m glad I made the decision to go come here. This place is great. Alonso Cuños

28 Mar 2017

Sierra is an amazing flight school. O wish I knew of them earlierearlier juang xiong