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School Overview

 SILVERWING Flight Service was started to provide a unique service to South Central Georgia. SILVERWING Flight Service provides a lower cost entry into pilot training and aircraft rental.  

Every organization within general aviation from AOPA to the NBAA (National Business Aircraft Association) is focusing on a vital problem in general aviation. There is a severe lack of pilots in the near future from which to feed airlines, corporate aviation, flying schools, etc. This has far reaching results industrywide and many fear for the future of aviation in the U.S.  

Silverwing Flight Service was started to address this problem and provide access to sport flight training by offering alternatives to conventional private pilot training. By offering sport pilot training and rental of light sport and aircraft, with the possibility of local delivery, Silverwing is prepared to serve the needs of the current sport flight community and people interested in aviaiton andf learning to fly.  

Silverwing provides exemplary, personal service and training in a vintage Ercoupe 415C which was designed as the safest aircraft of its time. It´s also fun to fly with the canopy open and enjoy soaring through the elements.   

Contact Details

Louisville Municipal Airport, Louisville, GA
1266 Byron Burt Rd.

Louisville, Georgia 34034


Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane)

Training Programs

Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA)

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