Skylift Aviation GmbH

Vienna, Austria

Skylift Aviation Training

is adapting highfidelity 3D simulation to web-based training and other forms of interactive multimedia learning. Skylift offers continuously new EASA compliant aviation trainings to the industry. Skylift e-learning programs are available anytime, anywhere and reduce training costs.

Following trainings are available web-based or offline: 

Dangerous Goods (DGR), Cold Weather (CWO), RVSM, North Atlantic / High Level Airspace (NAT/HLA), Africa, Security, North Pacific (NOPAC), Polar (POL), ETOPS, RNAV, RNP APCH, ADS / CPDLC, Fatigue, Cosmic Radiation,and more...

Aviation Training Facilities

  • Flight Attendant Courses
  • Aviation Degree
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Aircraft Dispatcher Courses
  • Online Courses
Programs & Courses
  • EASA ATPL Integrated Course


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