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School Overview

If you have been thinking about getting back into flying, or are starting from scratch, please come take a Discovery Flight with us!  For only $50, we will first give you some ground school to explain what we will be doing, then take you up and let you experience flying the aircraft yourself!

We are a small school, and we interview potential students before we offer membership ($150 a year, no monthly dues or initiation fees.)  The interview is intended to make sure we can both communicate with each other well, and to also make sure you understand what we will be expecting from you as a student.  

We make learning to fly VERY fun, with our lively Tuesday night ground school class, as well as getting students to come out and learn hands-on, as we do owner allowed basic maintenance on the aircraft (oil changes, spark plug maintenance, etc.  See FAR Pt 43.3 for more info.) 

Our students graduate with an above average understanding of everything to do with being a safe pilot, because we take the time to make sure that EVERYONE understands what we are working on, and that no one gets left behind.  Keeping our school small guarantees you will not get lost in the dust!  Your instructors are professional instructors, with a combined 51 years of teaching experience! If you want to fly with an instructor who is not just "building time on YOUR dime", then you owe it to yourself to come out and see what makes our school different.  Small classes, fellow enthusiasts, beautifully maintained and equipped Cessnas, and reasonable rates.  This is the Snake River Flying Club!

Contact Details

Caldwell Airport
611 Dauntless Place

Caldwell, Idaho 83605

1 (208) 860 7283

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane)

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Flight Instructor - Instrument Night Rating Instrument Rating (IR)

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Snake River Flying Club, LLC is rated 5 stars based on 4 reviews

on 19-AUG, 2020


What a great experience meeting with Lisa and Jim they are the most dedicated instructors I have ever trained with. I also purchased one of their aircraft that has been very well maintained. They welcomed us into their home and treated us as family. Lisa is a great common since instructor with really great piloting skills that she’s so good at sharing with her students.

on 13-AUG, 2018


I’m about 25 hours into my Private Pilot training. I’ve had some persistent issues with landing and a few other things so I thought perhaps another perspective would help me break through. That said I booked some time with Lisa of Snake River Flying and we found solutions to my problems. By the 4th time through the pattern I was landing very smoothly and I felt more confident. Lisa’s really knows how to communicate in both actions and words. It was if Lisa never forgot what it was like to be new and a bit nervous in the sky. Also her planes are so well cared for and maintained I never felt any equipment apprehension at all. I live in Texas and I have a great CFI there, but if I lived in Idaho I would be full-time with Lisa and her team at Snake River Flying. - Chris Pruitt, Waco,TX

on 17-JUN, 2018


The Chief Flight Instructor was my instrument instructor years ago. I live in California now and come back to Idaho for her expertise. The best review I can give is I hope she will one day teach my own child to fly.

on 9-JUN, 2018


Lisa´s congenial manner and exceptional experiences as both pilot and instructor make her an excellent choice when deciding where to obtain your training. The rates are reasonable and accessible.