Starlite Aviation Training Academy

Durban, South Africa

Established in 1999, our Training Academy is synonymous with some of the finest pilot training schools worldwide.

We offer helicopter and aeroplane pilot training courses to local and international students at our pilot training schools in Durban and Mossel Bay, South Africa.

We are committed to enhancing; skills development, technology transfer and pilot career opportunities in the aviation industry.

When deciding on whether you want to fly helicopters or aeroplanes, you need to first decide to which you are best suited.  Helicopters and Aeroplanes serve different needs in the aviation industry and the techniques used to fly differ widely.

Starlite utilises both helicopters and aeroplanes extensively in all areas of our operational business, for example, some MEDEVAC contracts require both aircraft types.

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    Starlite Aviation Training Academy Hangar 123, Virginia Airport, Durban North Durban 4051 South Africa