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If you haven´t flown a light aircraft before we can offer you an hour taster to flying lessons when we can explain fully what to expect during your PPL training. Your trial lesson will consist of a preflight brief on how the aeroplane works and how you control it. Your instructor will show you around the outside and inside of the aircraft on the ground and then when you take to the air the instructor will start to teach you the effects of the controls and you will be able to see if learning to fly is for you. At the end of the lesson, we´ll issue you with a certificate and pilots log book entry, with all the details of your flight, which can be counted towards your total PPL training hours you need to accumulate during your flying lessons.

Take Flight Aviation is a CAA/EASA registered training facility and our course the Joint Aviation Authority JAA/EASA program is divided into two parts. One part concerns the theoretical knowledge to prepare you for the ground exams and the other is the actual flight training.

We can offer training to suit you diary and budget from intensive training over a few weeks to more leisurely training over a couple of years.

The Private Pilots Licence (PPL)
Your flying training will need to consist of a minimum flight time of 45 hours. Of this 45 hours, a minimum of 25 hours will be under dual instruction, and at least 10 hours of solo flying must be carried out including at least 5 hours solo cross country time; this will include a qualifying cross country flight of at least 270 km (150 nm), during which you will land at two aerodromes other than your home airfield.

Prior to each flight throughout the course, whether dual or solo, you will have a detailed preflight brief with your flying instructor, who will go through each element of the exercise and map your route. After each flying lesson, there will be a thorough debrief, when you will be encouraged to discuss the flight with your instructor and when he/she will answer any questions you may have.

The early part of your training will be spent in local areas around Wellesbourne, when you will learn how to handle the aeroplane safely. Then follows circuit training, when you learn how to take-off and land the aeroplane. When you have flown your first solo circuit, you will then progress to learning how to navigate your aircraft in preparation for your cross-country solo.

We also hire aircraft and have nine aircraft on fleet

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