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What and Who is Target Aviation
Target Aviation is a Flight Training Company in the UK but our rather radical approach is that we exist solely for the benefit and in the best interest of students, not the schools or FTO´s. All training is conducted at CAA RTF´s (Registered Training Facility) or FTO´s (Flight Training Organisation) by highly trained dedicated JAA / CAA licensed flight instructors.

We are unique in that our purpose is to work for the student, introducing flight training packages and flight instruction through a number of companies based on who we believe is providing the best instruction, value and standards.

We would like to see students gain their PPLs without paying over the odds not incurring charges that are unnecessary and getting the best services for their money.

Our aim is to produce highly skilled, safe confident and good quality pilots that have been given the best start to their PPL experience or given the best start ready to undertaking their desired commercial training program.

Who & Where:
Target Aviation is run by a Commercial Pilot / Flight Instructor currently based in the North West of the UK but regularly operates in many other airfields up and down the country as well as overseas. Primary airports are Manchester International, Liverpool John Lennon, Sleap in Shropshire and Half penny green Wolverhampton.

Training for JAA PPL, NPPL, Complex conversions, Type training, IMC, Night, Trial Flights.

Full and part time PPL Package from around £7,000.

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