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USATS offers a wide range of helicopter and airplane pilot training courses, organized below from modular courses to Professional Pilot Programs to Specialist Programs for advanced pilots. From individual Private Pilot Licenses (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licenses (CPL) and Instrument Ratings (IR) to our fully integrated Professional Pilot Programs, for both helicopter and airplane students, we have a solution to meet everyone’s aspirations.

New! USATS also offers programs for experienced military pilots wishing to convert to civilian operations or switch from rotary to fixed wing flying.

Modular Courses

A range of courses that can be taken separately for students wishing to progress their flying in stages:

  • PPL(H) - Helicopter Private Pilot License
  • PPL(A) - Airplane Private Pilot License
  • CPL(H) Helicopter Commercial Pilot License (FAA or EASA)
  • CPL(A) - Airplane Commercial Pilot Licence
  • CFI - Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor Course
  • CFII - Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Course
  • IR - Instrument Rating
  • EASA Theoretical Knowledge (TK)(EASA TK)
  • EASA ATP (Theory)
  • Special Mission Training - courses including Night Vision Goggles (NVG); External Load/Bambi Bucket; Search & Rescue (SAR); Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET) (METS) training, HAZMAT Training and Emergencies Procedures

Professional Pilot Programs

A range of longer, integrated professional pilot courses designed for organizations or individuals seeking to graduate “mission ready”:

  • FAA Integrated CPL(H) for aspiring commercial helicopter pilots - includes FAA PPL(H) FAA IR (H) FAA CPL(H)
  • FAA Commercial Training Program - as above but includes FAA CFI/CFII to allow employment as an instructor for hours building
  • EASA CPL(H) with ATPL/IR(H) Theoretical Knowledge Credit for students with a known career path to ATPL - includes FAA PPL(H) EASA CPL(H) EASA modular ATPL/IR(H) TK course plus option for EASA Type Rating (EASA TR) on R44 and / or R22 and / or S300
  • EASA & FAA Commercial Training Program for students wishing to graduate with maximum career flexibility - includes FAA PPL(H) FAA IR (H) FAA CPL(H) FAA CFI/CFII EASA CPL(H) EASA ATPL/IR(H) TK Credit plus option for EASA TR on R44 and/or R22 and /or S300

Specialist Courses - for Already Qualified Pilots

A range of courses designed to help already qualified pilots select a different career heading:

  • Rotor to Airplane Transition - for military and commercial pilots desiring to fly for the airlines. We have relationships with regional airlines! They offer our students bonuses and tuition reimbursement. Our military veterans may qualify for GI Bill benefits.
  • ATP Helicopter to ATP multi-engine Airplane - a course to qualify existing rotary pilots to be Regional Airline ready 1st Officers
  • Training in support of new unit operations - USATS can offer programs of training to support new units in fields including law enforcement & HEMS operations
  • Customized courses - USATS also offers customized courses to meet the personal objectives of our individual students or organizational objectives of our business clients
  • International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) approved Accelerated Command Course

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