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Can my Sport Pilot Training count towards other pilot ratings? Yes, Sport Pilot training can launch a career in aviation. Many Sport Pilots choose to pursue their Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP and Flight Instructor ratings after completing the Sport Pilot course. The time and experience gained in a LSA applies to experience required for more advanced ratings. Sport Pilot training is an excellent foundation for future aviation pursuits!

How much does it cost to become a Sport Pilot? The FAA requires 20 hours of flight training (15 hours dual with an instructor and 5 hours solo) prior to taking what´s called a check ride - your final exam. Each individual learns differently and at a different pace, however flying consistently (two or three times per week) and diligently studying your written material, should keep your costs to a minimum.

What are the basic qualifications? At least 17 years of age, valid state driver´s license, Proficient in the English language.

Be able to affirm general good health and not using substances or medications that impede judgment, cognition, or motor skills. What do I need to start my flight training? A desire to learn and a driver´s license. For the most part, you can show up for your first flight lesson with nothing but a primed eagerness to enjoy an exhilarating experience! The airplane and fuel are included in your price of instruction, so all you need are yourself, your learning skills, and your desire for FUN!

Just bring your valid state driver´s license and get started!

Once you’ve learned to fly, where can I fly? After you have completed your training you will have limitless options. Your new Sport Pilots license will allow you to fly anywhere in the US and the Bahamas in good weather. GET OUT THERE AND EXPLORE!

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