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As the saying goes, “Do what you love and you will never

work another day in your life.” This is the philosophy surrounding Vertical Limit Aviation. If you find yourself with a passion for rotorcraft flight, why not train to be the best pilot you can be?

VLA was founded with the knowledge that the environment

in which you train matters. At an elevation of 5837 feet,

Double Eagle Airport provides challenges to aviators of all

experience levels. Like a runner or a fighter, the helicopter

operates differently up here. From the moment you pick up

until you set it back down, the pilot "feels" the reduced

performance of the aircraft and you learn to do all maneuvers

near the limits of wind, power, density altitude, and

mountain capabilities. This ultimately produces pilots that

are better at power management, control smoothness, and

understanding aircraft limitations than those trained at sea

level. Even the military recognizes that teaching students in

these unique conditions produces a more skillful and

confident pilot. If the military trains their pilots here,

shouldn´t you benefit from this environment as well?

Studying with us you will be able to reach the "Vertical Limit"

of what you can be. By combining our one-on-one approach

to flight training and the high density altitude environment,

every student at VLA has the stage set for success.

Employment is never a guarantee but, unlike many other

flight schools, 100% of our CFI graduates have gained

employment at Vertical Limit Aviation and become

contributing members of the helicopter industry.

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