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Vuelo Flight Agency was created by Lukas when he was studying to be a pilot in Córdoba, Argentina. Lukas fell in love with the country and saw the great opportunities. After first studying in San Diego for 1 year where Lukas took his PPL, he left for Argentina. He did not know that the aviation community also was very big here.

Today, it´s full focus is on providing the absolute best education to our students. Having an FAA  license is the best pilot license you can have and a big goal for many people. We help you along the way and make sure you get where you are going.

We are currently collaborating with ATC Flight School in Argentina. All students will be based in Córdoba, located in the heart of Argentina. The school here is located at Arcos - Argentina´s largest food brand airfield. There is a hotel right by the airport which suits all students perfectly.

To our students studying for ATPL, we will send them to Buenos Aires to write exams. When you write your first exam, you will already have your PPL, which means that you as a student can fly there yourself - which also speeds up your time building towards CPL. The flight here is about 2-3 hours.

We offer a fast track 0 to CPL  program with instrument rating and optional multi engine rating in a year, with validation partnerships in Europe and USA, you will graduate our school with at least 250 hours and a validation ready to go, our study plans comply with EASA or FAA flight time and training requirements, we also offer full accommodation for the duration of your training and transportation to the school.

We take it very seriously to collaborate with the absolute best schools. We promise you that your time in Argentina will be the best in your life. You will not regret it.

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