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Thanks for your interest in Wurtsboro Airport! We offer both glider and airplane instruction as well as maintenance and other services at Wurtsboro Airport. Wurtsboro Flight Management LLC maintains the airport property and facilities while also managing a fleet of gliders and airplanes for rides, lessons, tows and rental.

Wurtsboro Airport has a long history and specializes in glider or sailplane instruction. The terms glider and sailplane are used interchangeably. We provide glider instruction for those seeking Federal Aviation Administration Pilots Certificate with a Private, Commercial or Flight Instructor rating. We also provide instruction for add on glider ratings to those already possessing a Pilots Certificate.

Wurtsboro offers power instruction in a beautiful and professionally maintained Cessna 172. Known as one of the best and most common trainer aircraft, the Cessna 172 is the perfect place to start your life in aviation. Our Certified Flight Instructors will walk you through the process to get you soloed and on to your private power pilots license.

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