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Sola Flyklubb

Stavanger Airport
Flyplassveien 168
Sola 4050
Phone: +47 51 65 81 90
Web: Visit Website

Sola Flyklubb is one of Norway’s largest and most active aero clubs with more than 250 members. The club is located at Stavanger Airport, Sola (ENZV). The club has an active flight school which offers training towards a PPL-A. A theoretical course (in Norwegian only) is available annually, from September till March. Flight training is available all year. In addition to single engine (prop) training, the club offers night rating and seaplane rating.

Training Programs
Flight School (Airplane)
Certificate Programs
Private Pilot License
Ratings and Add-Ons
Night Rating
Additional Facilities
Ground School Classes
Licensing Authority
EASA (Europe)

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