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Dutch Flight Academy
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Dutch Flight AcademyFor ten years future commercial pilots are trained at the Dutch Flight Academy (DFA). Our Academy is an approved Flight Training Organisatio...

Aero Noord FTO
Aero Noord offers many options such as renting a private plane or a special flight over your town or village....

Basic 6 Aviation
Freelance FAA Flight instruction in The Netherlands.Whether you are interested in learning to fly, single or multi-engine training, flight review, instrument pr...

Dutch Aviation College
Dutch Aviation College is approved for e-Learning JAA/EASA ATPL, CPL and IR and advanced pilot training. Classes are held at Lelystad Airport (EHLE) and other m...

Executive Flight Academy
We offer approved quality courses for 1/2 the normal prices in NW-Europe.ATPL / CPL/ PPL / IR / SEP / MEP / MCC / FI / JOCAll prices include all landing fees (V...

KLM Flight Academy KLS
KLM Flight Academy is situated in the Northern part of The Netherlands. The education for ATPL A theory starts in Eelde at the school on the airport Groiningen ...

Orbit Groundschool BV
Orbit Ground School is a pilot school for theory training ATPL, CPL and IR and simulator training. Looking after your PPL one level deeper and perhaps the step ...

Rotor and Wings
Rotor & Wings is a government approved ATO, and trains pilots for the European EASA-FCL license. Rotor & Wings is the only ATO in the Netherlands to train both ...