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Eelde, Netherlands


KLM Flight Academy is situated in the Northern part of The Netherlands. The education for ATPL A theory starts in Eelde at the school on the airport Groiningen Airport Eelde. Single engine piston training is performed in Arizona USA by ATCA on the Beech Bonnaza F33. The instruction is done by experienced LFT instructors. There is also a module Upset Recovery Training where students get experience with aerobatic manoeuvres. The training in the USA ends with the CPL exam.

Back in The Netherlands the flight training is continued at the FNPT2 sim and Beech Baron. As final stage the students do the MCC andTR course at the B737 sim at Schiphol by (ex)KLM instructor pilots.

KLS is preferred supplier for pilots to KLM. Core business is ATPL integrated course. Students leave the school with a TR B737.

The capacity of the school is 80 students per year. Due to the recession the production is temporary downgraded to 60 students per year.

The school has been founded in 1946. Since 1954 the school is situated at the airfield of Groningen Airport in Eelde.

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Burg. J.G. Legroweg 43
Eelde 9765 ZG

+31 50 3098 200

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