Fly Level Aviation

Bucharest, Romania

Cabin Crew Training
Fly Level is approved by the RCAA, as training organization for flight attendants, offering the following courses: initial safety cabin crew training, conversion/renewal cabin crew training; refresh cabin crew type rating course.

Flight Training
Fly Level is approved by theRomanian CAA, as Approved Training Organisation for the following courses:

  • PPL(A)
  • CPL(A)
  • Class Rating SEP (land)
  • Class Rating MEP (land)
  • CRI(A) (MEP) and (SEP)
  • FI(A)
  • ATPL (A)
  • IR(A)
  • PPL (H)
  • Type Rating R44
  • Type Rating PA31/42

Our organization offers theoretical and practical pilot courses, on Cessna 152, Cessna 172 RG,Tecnam p2006t, Robinson R44 and Eurocopter EC120.

ATC Training
1) Air Traffic Controller BASIC TRAINING ATC BASIC
2) ATC Rating Training – Aerodrome Control Instrument with Tower Control Endorsement ADI - TWR
3) ATC Rating Training – Approach Control Procedural APP
4) ATC Rating Training – Approach Control Surveillance with Radar Endorsement APS - RAD
5) On–the-job Training Instructors ATS - OJTI
6) ATC Rating Training – Area Control Surveillance with Radar Endorsement ACS - RAD

Aircraft Marshall Course
This course provides the students with standard practical knowledge on Aircraft Marshalling signals, aircraft movements on ground and various signals (visual) passed by Air Traffic Control tower.

Radio Communication Course (RTF)Aviation Medical Examiner
Dangerous Goods Course
Aviation Security Course
General & Aviation English Course
First Aid Course

The theoretical courses are carried on at our headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. The training room is equipped at the highest standards in order to store the most useful knowledge.

Aviation Training Facilities

  • Flight School (airplane)
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Flight Attendant Courses
  • Multi-Time Building
  • Class/Type Ratings
  • Air Traffic Controller Training
Programs & Courses
  • Private Pilot (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL)
  • Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL)
  • EASA ATPL Ground School
  • EASA ATPL Integrated Course
  • Night Rating
  • Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Flight Instructor - Instrument
  • Multi-Engine (Class Rating)
  • Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine (MEI)
  • Staff Examiner(s)
  • CBT Training
  • Ground School Classes
Class / Type Rating Courses
  • Diamond Twin-Star
  • Piper PA42 Cheyenne III
  • Piper Seneca
  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Tecnam


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