Mallory Flight School

South Charleston, West Virginia

Do you want to be the BEST pilot you can be? Mallory Flight School offers challenging training in a unique environment. Mallory graduates are flying worldwide in everything from jet fighters, to airliners, to bush planes. Founded in 1953 by Benny Mallory, the school has been pumping out expert pilots from around the world with an unmatched safety record ever since.

Mallory Airport has a unique geography, which creates varying winds. Combined with a 1904 foot by 24 foot runway, which only has one way in, and one way out. Our expert Instructors will teach you to make critical "go", "no go" decisions, how to land on short fields, how to consistently stay on the center-line, and how to use your feet.

Mallory Flight School does not offer "one size fits all" training. We train each pilot to be the best they can be. We charge by the hour, not by the rating. Unlike the large schools, we are primarily interested in the quality of our pilots, not the quantity.

Contact us for more information on how you can competently fly anywhere, and be the best pilot you can be!

Aviation Training Facilities

  • Flight School (airplane)
Programs & Courses
  • Private Pilot (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot (CPL)
  • Flight Instructor (CFI / FI)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Flight Instructor - Instrument
  • Mountain Flying
  • Ground School Classes


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Mallory is a great school. I understand the difference between theory and practical experience. Landing on a short field in the mountains of West Virginia is a unique experience. Experience is a great teacher. Everyone at Mallory is great. This is a fantastic flight school and delivers world-class pilots.

on 30th Oct-16

Mallory Flight School Mallory Airport (WV12)173 Mallory Airport Road South Charleston WV 25309 United States