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Málaga, Spain

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School Overview

Grupo One Air Aviacion is an authorized school from (EASA) for Aircraft Pilot courses. One Air is part of Grupo One Air Aviación, a company dedicated to aviation.

Located at 1,5 km from Malaga International Airport, with free parking in Málaga, you will easily find our new and modern facilities. Málaga is an excellent city to fly, with outstanding land and air connections and more than 300 days of sun a year. It has also spectacular views to enjoy flying around Spain.

We offer:

  • Ultralight Pilot Course (ULM)
  • Private Pilot Licence Course (PPL-A)
  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)
  • Hour Building in new generation aircraft (Diamond DA20 Diamond DA40)
  • Refresher courses for pilots
  • Flight simulation courses, and much more...

Our fleet is based in Malaga International Airport (AGP) to offer the best, so a student can get the professional experience.

If you are interested in flying around Spain, getting a Pilot´s Licence or simply you just want to visit us, you are more than welcomed!

Contact Details

C/Jaén 9
Edificio Galia, Bajo 10 y 7

Málaga, 29004 Spain

+34 (0) 951-211 333

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane) Flight Attendant Courses Aircraft Dispatcher Courses Sport Pilot Training

Training Programs

Sports Pilot (SPL/LSA) Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) EASA ATPL Ground School Multi Pilot License (MPL) Night Rating Instrument Rating (IR) G1000 CT Ground School Classes

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One Air Aviacion is rated 4 stars based on 8 reviews

on 28-MAR, 2019


I recently completed my advanced RPAS licence. The one air trainers are helpful professional and very knowledgeable, They made the whole experience an absolute pleasure.

on 30-APR, 2018


I´ve just finished my PPL with One Air. They have a very complete PPL course with materials and everything included. The instructors were great and I look forward to visiting again when I´m next in Spain to do some more flying now I have my licence!

on 3-APR, 2018


This company should be avoided at all costs! I did my ME IR there, and they´re unhelpful, incompetent, have a massive lack of communication skills, and end up costing you a lot of money! the accommodation is shocking and whenever you have a problem its always a mission to sort out, because you have to sort it yourself as they won´t! The flying is very inconsistent, due to aircraft and instructor issues. There is no briefing and they just expect you to know everything. No standardisation with their training, so you always get told different things, made to feel and look stupid, when you´ve been told you´re doing really well in the sim, and then suddenly its all wrong! I did a total of 2 hours flying within 3 weeks, when I was told after the first week of no flying that I would have an intense week to make up for it, which never happened! I know that theres people there now dying to get home. Integrated guys doing no more than 9 hours in 6 months due to lack of aircraft! Appalling!!

on 7-DEC, 2017


Terrible customer service!! Only one guy speaks english. No return to calls or email. Highly doubt about those 5-star reviews to be legit.

on 26-JUN, 2017


Fantastic. Professional and new Diamond fleet

on 22-JUN, 2017


I recently completed my ME+IR Training with One Air. Everything was completed as promised, the course contained various extras like a course on cartography and a Garmin 1000 course. Probably the most important factor, for me at least, was that they had an all inclusive price with accommodation, materials, fees etc and no surprises, which was a VERY pleasant change from my previous experiences with flying schools.

on 23-MAY, 2017


I was looking for a lot of information about schools of avición in Spain. Oneair Group has apparently grown quite a bit in recent years, I saw they have an advanced simulator and Daimond aircraft that look pretty good, the truth is they are very handsome. Finally I went to visit them and interview me for the commercial pilot course. I decided at the end to get the pilot´s title with them, they made it easier for me to find accommodation in Malaga. To this day I can say that there is a very good atmosphere with my colleagues. I also decided to be able to carry out the flight practices in the international airport of Malaga. I am very excited and happy in the months that I am here. By the way the information in English is necessary to look for it in . I hope this information helps them in the decision to choose a good Aviation School, as it is not easy.

on 11-JUL, 2016


I´m currently studying for my PPL at One Air. Right from the start I got the impression that they were interested in providing the best of everything for their students, and, I have to say, they haven´t disappointed. The instructors are friendly and approachable and went out of their way to help out with any particular difficulties I had. I was studying my theory course as a mix between online classes and in person, and I was impressed with the online classes. They allow for good interaction with the instructor and you can clearly see any diagrams and videos used in the classes. Actually many students there in person used the online platform to record classes for reviewing later. I think the area where One Air really impressed me though was with their use of the latest gear. They use a fleet of new Diamond DA20/40/42s which is unheard of in my experience of flight schools, far more common to see beat up old Cessnas! Hard to find fault, top notch, 5 stars from me!