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School Overview

Quality Fly was born to create an excellent quality yet affordable flight training.

Quality Fly offers probably one of the most innovative ATPL Integrated Programmes, fulfillling EASA’s latest improvements and regulations, and even seeking to exceed its requirements:

  • Our training includes all the latest EASA requirements, such as APS MCC, KSA, UPRT, CBTA and TEM.
  • Training is orientated to airline requirements, with focus on soft-skills complementing technical skills, following ICAO Core competencies.
  • Students have an End-to-End follow-up including one on one reinforcement trainings and Career Advice preparation ad the end of the course.
  • Training is completed 100% in new generation glass cockpit fleet and the APS MCC is performed in Airbus A320 simulator.
  • The school has an international environment with more than 30 nationalities.
  • Training is enhanced A320 Full Flight Simulator Level D (with the highest level of fidelity) within the APS MCC and even Gliding training to further improve pilot skills.

Contact Details

Aeropuerto de Madrid Cuatro Vientos
Carretera Barrio de la Fortuna s/n

Madrid, 28054 Spain

+34 648 462 917

Key Training Facilities


Flight Training (Airplane) Online / Distance Learning

Training Programs

Private Pilot (PPL) Commercial Pilot (CPL) Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) Flight Instructor (CFI / FI) Flight Instructor - Instrument Flight Instructor - Multi-Engine (MEI) Night Rating Instrument Rating (IR) Instrument (restricted) Multi-Engine Class Rating Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) EASA ATPL Ground School EASA ATPL Integrated Course

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QUALITY FLY Aviation Academy is rated 5 stars based on 5 reviews

on 31-MAR, 2021


I’m in the process of doing my integrated ATPL. Joining the school aged 18 and moving abroad not knowing anyone or any Spanish was a very scary experience but QualityFly made me feel at home from the moment I walked through the door. I have nothing negative to say about the academy. The staff, ground school instructors and flight instructors are all friendly, approachable, extremely knowledgeable and nothing is never too much of an ask. They are always happy to help with any concerns and really make you feel part of the “family”. My course is progressing very quickly, I’m achieving great results in official theory exams and my hours are coming along nicely. Very very happy 😊

on 29-MAR, 2021


Did my MCC course with them. Price was good, course and instructors were good as well.

on 24-MAR, 2021


Great international school where to obtain your EASA pilot licence!! Highly recommended. Great flight and ground instructors, friendly office staff, nice student atmosphere.

on 23-MAR, 2021


As a former Quality Fly student I can only recommend this school, it has improved a lot during the last years. They offer a quality education orientated to become an airliner pilot. They are based in Madrid, weather is usually good and you can complete lots of flight hours due to the nice weather. The theory courses are intense but instructors are dedicated and passionate about it. You are always learning and that´s why I loved it. Regards,

on 23-MAR, 2021


I did my integrated ATPL pilot license in this Academy and I can´t be happier. The Instructors are awesome and the fleet impressive. Flying with glass cockpit is something else. Now I´m continuing with my flight instructor course and it can´t get better.