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Flight Schools in Czech Republic

Review 12 flight school listings in Czech Republic

FLY FOR FUN s.r.o.
Airport Sazená
Velvary 273 24
Czech Republic
4.06 Reviews
Professionals in the air as well as on the ground.

Prague Letnany Airport (LKLT)
Hulkova II/213
Prague 197 00
Czech Republic
Flight school and pilot training center in Prague.

Aeroklub Ceske Republiky
U Pergamenk 3
Praha 171 00
Czech Republic
Welcome to the Aero Club of Czech Republic.

Airport Hradec Kralove
Hangar 71
Hradec Kralove 50341
Czech Republic
Air School is providing flight training of professional airplane and helicopter pilots up to Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) qualification.

F AIR Ltd.
Benešov Airport
Nesvacily 126
Bystrice u Benešova 257 51
Czech Republic
F AIR is the first JAR certified flight school in the Czech Republic, established in 1990 and located in beautiful countryside near the capital of Prague.

Flying Academy of Czech Republic - Brno
Brno Turany International Airport
Evropska ul.
Brno 627 00
Czech Republic
Flying Academy is a dynamically expanding Flight School (ATO 014) in Czech Republic, managed by airline pilots and with over 12 years experience in flight training.

Flying Academy of Czech Republic - Prague
Letnany Airport
Borislavka 130
Praha 9 - Letnany 199 05
Czech Republic
Flying Academy is the leading flight-training centre in the Czech Republic and training is performed in accordance with EASA Part-FCL regulations.

Flying Training Centre s.r.o
Ceske Budejovice Airport
Ceske Budejovice 370 76
Czech Republic
Our training facility offers a complete Microlight Pilot License ULL (A) training, PPL (A) theory lessons, VFR Control Flights Courses, ICAO English Proficiency Courses, Discovery flights, Rent of microlight aircraft, recreational flying activities focussing to Croatia Unije Island and special flyin

Vodochody Airport
Airport U 374
Odolena Water 250 70
Czech Republic
Our flight school offers comprehensive training from private to airline transport pilot Courses Offered:PPL (A) - Private pilot (Private Pilot License)CPL - CPL (A) Commercial Pilot (Commercial Pilot Licence)IR (A) - Instrument rating (Instrument Rating) We provide training on almost-new C172s airp

Helicopters Prague
Ceskomalinska 27
Prague 160 00
Czech Republic
We provide training with professional pilots/instructors, enabling the students to achieve the PPL(H), PPL(A), CPL(H), CPL(A), ATPL(A) requirements.

Lets Fly
Ostrava International Airport
Mosnov 742 51
Czech Republic
Professional Flight Training in the Czech Republic Modular Theoretical Courses & Flight Training PPL, CPL and ATPL Certificates NIGHT, IR(A), MEP(A) ATPL Theory ( Distance Learning Course ) Multi Crew Cooperation Training Type Rating for Let L-410 Commuters Training Facilities in Prague and Ostrava

Vector Air
35 Hulkova
Praha 9 - Letnany
Prague 19700
Czech Republic
Vector Air specialises in aerial work and offers Hour Building / Time Building packages in our new G1000 Glass Cockpit Turbo Cessna T206H aircraft with an ATPL Mentor Pilot with worldwide experience


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